Affordable Proofs

Affordable Color Proofs

The complete Veroproof solution costs around $1000 and produces certified contract proofs that can be sent remotely. Veroproof can save you thousands of dollars each year and eliminate shipping time and expense as well.

Veroproof’s remote contract proofing system is comprised of a free color RIP, professional HP or Epson printer, and Veroproof Processor. Veroproof is the most affordable certified proofing system on the market today.* Those who send multiple color proofs back and forth with a printer or prepress shop can save 86% off the cost of using even a discounted contract proofing service. Just consider the following example: Cost to order a 13”x19” contract proof $23, overnight shipping $14 = total cost of $37 for the proof. With Veroproof a 13” x 19” proof costs only $5 and is produced immediately for an 86% savings.

Creative Freedom

Color Accuracy Unleashes Creativity

Veroproof allows creative professionals to push their boundaries while providing greater color control and accuracy. Experiment beyond your standard color palette without risk - you'll know exactly how your design will reproduce on press with a Veroproof Contract Proof.

Veroproof’s proofing system is comprised of a free color RIP, contract proofing paper and a highly stable HP and/or Epson printer. Each of these components work together to ensure that your proof will be color accurate. And since the system does not require complex instruments or highly technical color management techniques , it’s the most affordable and simplest certified proofing system available today.

Quality Control

Visually Verifiable Color Management

You don't have to be a color expert to achieve expert color. Veroproof can produce a certified GRACoL proof or SWOP proof and is pre-calibrated to produce contract proofs right out of the box. The whole system is simple, easy to use and can be set up in under one hour.

Each 13x19" sheet of Veroproof Contract Proofing Paper is pre-printed with a Veroproof color bar. A second color bar is imaged below the first when the proof file is output. A simple visual comparison of the two color bars to see if they match provides confirmation that your proof was imaged correctly. This ensures that what you see in the proof is what you'll get from the press. Finally, Veroproof Personal Proofing System is engineered to produce color accurate contract proofs without requiring instrumentation or color expertise. This feature makes Veroproof the easiest way to make contract proofs from your home or office.

Faster Turnaround

Stop Waiting for Color Proofs

Save time and enable faster job turnaround with Veroproof’s remote proofing network . Print accurate contract proofs directly in your office or home and send the remote proof file instantly via the internet for review or for production. Never pay for overnight shipping of proofs again!

With Veroproof, your contract proof is ready in minutes - not days. This extra time enables creative professionals to achieve faster job turnaround, provide immediate proof samples to others for review and rework any portion of the job well before it is submitted to the printer. Since electronic transmission through the Veroproof network is simple, secure, and free, your color proof can be printed where you want it, when you want it.

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